Best Travel Stroller Reviews and buying guide 2016


Baby Strollers, Car Seats and More. If you are a new parent, or a new parent again, you are no doubt familiar the incredible amount of stuff you need to buy. Baby seats, car seats, mall strollers, regular strollers, bike caddies. You name it, Ive purchased it! It can be overwhelming to try to manage the all of the different things and make sure you are buying well and buying smart.

Needless to say everyone has different needs. If you have two young children, your needs are different than those with only one child. Active persons have different needs then those with a more sedentary lifestyle.


Key Things to Consider Before Buying Another Stroller

The Age Of Your First Child How old is your first child and when do you expect the next one. You may think your first child will be out of the stroller by the time he or she is 2 years old. The truth is, you need to consider mobility needs pretty much right up until they enter school.

Your Lifestyle Are you can active person or an active couple? Are you outside a lot walking or jogging or do you tend to drive to and from most destinations with your child? The will make an enormous impact on your choices.

Your Buying Habits Some of us just have to have the latest gadget. Im one of those people and I just admit to myself. It affects this kind of purchase, because I am inclined to look for products that I know I can add things onto rather than replace. Its much less expensive to buy expandable products, but just as much fun.

Your Budget – What you can or cant spend is very important, but I urge you to think longer term on this. For example, if you buy a stroller that can accomodate a toddler board for example, it will considerably less expensive long term than buying second probably double stroller for times when your toddler is tired of walking. If you buy a lightweight aluminum stroller which will be more money up front, of course, it will alleviate the need for a lighter more agile mall stroller.

Check Out This Video Of The Bugaboo Cameleon

The Bugaboo Series of Strollers are in my opinion the best designed, most well rounded and well thought out pieces of baby gear you can buy. We have the original series, the Bugaboo Frog. We bought it originally with pegs for our Peg Pergego car seat while our oldest was an infant. You can check out my review page below for a more detailed discussion about the pros and cons of that stroller.


Its All About Your Lifestyle

The one most important piece of information I want to impart about your buying decisions is this: Its all about your lifestyle. Matching up your choice of equipment to your lifestyle is the key element of all your buying decisions. A lot of us are like kids in a candy store when we walk into a shop selling equipment for our kids. We cant help ourselves! We have to have it. Afterall, its for the kids right?

The Equipment Is For You, Not Your Baby Or Your Kids

I know that sounds terrible doesnt it? The truth is, your little gaffer will be just as happy and sleep just as well in a fifty dollar stroller as he or she will in a thousand dollar stroller. The choices you make are for yourself. Admit it, accept it and you will make far smarter purchases.

The Right Tools For The Job

Below I review some of the products that I have had the best luck with. These are the products that
have staying power in our lives and the ones that have served us in the best and longest capacity.

The Strollers I Recommend

chameleonBest Baby Strollers

The bugaboo series of strollers is really tough to beat. They are lightweight, fold down to nothing and have about half a zillion accessories available for them. The Bugaboos come with skeeter nets, rain covers and many of the essentials right out of the box. You can purchase toddler boards, the essential coffee holder and lots of other things. Click here to learn why I love the Cameleon.


DoubleDouble Strollers For Infant And Toddler BumbleRide makes a great two seater. Whether you have twins or, like us, two kids very close in age ( our first two where 16 months apart) when the need arises for a double stroller, BumbleRide is the top of my list. Its sort of a bubaboo on steroids. It has the big wheels for all terrain types and it has the lightweight aluminum chassis so that lugging it around isnt such a chore. Click here to read get my thoughts on the Bumbleride.


DoubleValue Oriented Baby StrollersThere are times when for whatever reason, we might not be able to or want to spend a lot of money, but we still want excellent value. Graco is the best name, in my opinion, in value oriented strollers. When we were first married, we didnt have a ton of money we were in new jobs and we were saving for a house. So Graco at the time was the best choice, beyond a doubt.



A super lightweight baby stroller is a must have for every household in my opinion. For less than a hundred bucks you can pickup the Jeep unit. The things weighs next to nothing, houses only a car seat and is great as a second single you can beat up or a primary for light use. It also serves to solve your needs immediately while perhaps you research additional lightweight baby strollers. Whatever the case, the value for money on this stroller is above and beyond.