Best Umbrella Stroller reviews and buying guide

If you are into fitness and you like your kids the way I do, then a jogging stroller is a must. However, if you are into fitness and like your kids and you have two at age where they need a stroller, then a double jogging stroller is a must! Fortunately, like all things baby, you have some choices.

Lots Of Choices

Its great to know that there is no much competition out there for your money. It can make the process somewhat confusing and drawn out, but on the other hand it also means there is losts of innovation and it means that your stroller pricing should be pretty competitive. I have tried out, rented or tested a number of double jogging strollers so I some knowledge in this regard. Theme parks by the way are a great place to rent and test out a stroller before you buy one. Of course, reviews from people like me can save you the trouble!

Things To Think About

There are some key things that I would suggest you have to have when buying a jogging stroller single or double. These are things that have made my life easier.

  • Adjustable Handles This is especially important if you share your jogging stroller with a mate. But I find day to day sometimes I just want to change the angle a little bit.
  • MP3 Speakers If you have kids in that unit, you better have something to entertain them besides sunshine and fresh air. Putting your kids songs on your MP3 player and hooking them up to the speakers is a great way to keep them occupied.
  • Kids Tray Your kids need their own drink and toy tray in front of them. Its as much because it provides the likeness to Mommy and Daddy as for the convenience.
  • Air Filled Tires Big Ones This is a very important requirement in my opinion. Big air filled tires will bounce your kids and your stroller over poorly cut curbs, holes in the road and bumpy trails. If you tires or wheels are small and rigid, it just doesnt work as well. It will also be harder to push.
  • Foldable And Easy To Take The Wheels Off Your jogging stroller should fold down easily and nicely and you should be able to remove the wheels. Its about the only way its going to fit in a car.
  • Aluminum Frame The frame should be made from a lighter metal like aluminum. As it is, you probably be dealing with 30 to 40 pounds worth of stroller. So a light metal and removable wheels are a must.
  • Big Canopys I like my kids to be in under big canopys that can fold down over them to keep them out of the sun. Also, if I need to put the rain cover on them, it keeps them warm and dry, but still somewhat roomy.

Use It On Rough Terrain, Beach Etc.

We dont use our jogging stroller as an everyday stroller. Its a bit too heavy and its not the easest to flip in and out of the car everytime we have to stop at the bank or the mall etc. We use a lightweight stroller for that. I mean, lots of people do use them day to day, you just have to be prepared to deal with the size and weight. But going to the beach for example is a different story. Using a jogging stroller is great for that simply because you are probably only taking it out of the car once and those big wheels glide over the sand like nothing else.
You can put your kids in it and some stuff and still have no problem pushing it over the sand.

My Recommendations

Best Double Jogging Stroller Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double

The Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger is a great double jogging stroller, the best out there for the money. Schwinn is great company that puts a lot of though into the details. They have large canopys a rotating drink holder for Mom and Dad, drink holder and tray for kids and awesome big air filled wheels.

Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller

The Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller is the hands down winner of all the units that I rented, borrowed and tested. This single jogging stroller is popular with good reason. The price is right and the details have all been put to good use. They resigned the sound system, they built a great drink holder, and added an odomoter for speed and distance. Check out my review of this awesome single jogging stroller