InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller Review

Would you like to have a great time with your children? If you do, InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller will assist you in attaining that. You and your children will truly enjoy the moment you are with them.   That is why if you have twin or children who are just one year ahead with each other. You can have bonds with them through the use of stroller. Each time you travel or exercise, you will be able to do it with them. Through this, you are not the only one to experience deep comfort. Your children will experience it too. 


For you to know more about this double stroller, here is InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller review.

Product Features

  • Has 12 inches front as well as 16 inches rear air tires ( pneumatic ) and rims ( molded)
  • Consist of folding mechanism that is dual trigger
  • Contains child tray which is flip open and is with cup holders ( dual)
  • Has a front wheel that is manual locking
  • Contains of rubberized grip that is slip resistant and very comfortable.
  • Has front wheels that are swiveling



  • Offers easy control

Through the valuable and notable features of this stroller, you will be having a total easy control of it. You will experience easy maneuvering of InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller because it’s from wheel is swiveling. This just means that you can freely control even in tight corners or through crowds. It also has a lock option. Because of this, you will have a total control for it. Each time you wander with your children, you will have nothing to worry about.

  • Optimum safety

The safety of your children is surely your top priority. If this is your goal, this InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller will be suited for you. Through the materials used to make or construct this stroller you are assured of getting full convenience throughout your use in this. Its canopy will ensure that you kids will be protected against sunlight. Each time they are riding in this stroller, you will be assured that they are always safe.

  • Grand style and design

You will not be able to lose your style in using this stroller because through its design and style, you will always be on trend together with your children. Wandering and visiting various places with our children through strollers will enable you to show how fashion rocks.

  • Very high quality

The quality of a particular product such as InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller is very important in securing safety. If you are using this stroller, you will be fully guaranteed that what you are using is loaded with high quality materials. The entire materials used, starting from its frames, up to its wheels and canopy, are all me up of high quality materials. This stroller is definitely durable.

  • Ensuring convenience as we as safety

You will feel convenient to all of its features. Its canopy which swivels about 180 degree is definitely awesome. You kids will also feel very comfortable because this stroller move smoothly as you pus or even steer it. If your children are a little bit large, they can still be accommodated by this. You will also be able to run faster especially when you are running downhill.

  • Easy storage

Since this stroller has a particular fording mechanism, you will not have any trouble in keeping it. You will be able to consume just a little space for it. Furthermore, if you are traveling, you will be able to place it in your car easily.



Though this stroller is almost perfect, you will also observe some unfavorable aspects or side of it. The foremost thing that you may notice is its price. You will not find it cheap. But this just depicts or reflects how efficient and effective this stroller is in serving its purpose. Through the existence f this product, you will be able to enjoy your bonding with your child.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Several customers have already used this product throughout their use, they found it very beneficial. Due to its vital features, they experience the best of this product. Through all the beneficial attributes as well as welfare given by this stroller, these customers have given positive comments or feedbacks and scores.

One of the customers said that this is better and even the best. She definitely loves it because it efficiently suits to her kids. According to he, this is very easy to control or maneuver. Folding this stroller is definitely easy. Through it you will not encounter any difficulty in lifting it. Aside from all of those, she also like it definitely adjustable visors. Another notable this about this stroller, according to her, is that is very durable. That is why she gave an extremely high score for this.

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This stroller particular stroller, InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller will enable you and your kids to have new bonding experience. At the moment you are using this, you will have an access to full convenience, comfort and fun.

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