Jogging Stroller Safety Tips for Parents

Earlier this year, all baby strollers sold in America were required to meet new standards, which were approved last year. These new standards address the most common injuries related to jogging strollers, including problems with hinges cutting, pinching and severing fingertips. Some other common problems include brake failures, wheels coming off, stability, entrapment and fall hazards, structural integrity and more.

The new mandatory guidelines come into effect for jogging strollers purchased after September, 2015. In order to be sure, parents can look for the standard JPMA or Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association sticker on the jogging stroller’s frame. The new United States guidelines are rigorous. This allows parents to know that the stroller can meet internationally accepted, minimum ASTM guidelines for safety.


What Should You Consider in a Jogging Stroller?

When you are looking for the best jogging stroller, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money. However, it is important to find a stroller that is completely safe for your baby. Though the new mandatory guidelines can ensure safety, you should still conduct a thorough research and do your homework. In this post, we have discussed everything you need to know.

Here is a list of important things you should consider in the best jogging stroller:

Right Size – First of all, you need to make sure the stroller is appropriate for the child’s size. It is very easy to find a stroller’s height and weight on the Internet. You can also find this information on the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the jogging stroller. In case you are using a high quality stroller that allows one more child to stand or sit, you need to make sure it meets the child’s weight guidelines. Excess weight or height can cause injury or damage to the stroller.

Newborns – Until babies are able to hold up heads on their own, they need a high quality stroller that easily reclines. You need to make sure the seat is specifically designed to attach to the stroller, and the seat can not be knocked off.

In case you use a detachable seat, you need to make sure the baby does not stay in the seat for extended periods of time. When you use a detachable seat, it provides you with crucial life-saving protection. However, spending a lot of time in the stroller can create an unnecessary flat spot on the baby’s back, head and other parts of the body. When your baby sits upright for a very long time on the stroller, it can also compress the baby’s chest. This leads to reduced amount of oxygen levels.

Breaks – It is important to make sure that the stroller has functional breaks. They should lock down two wheels without any hassles. Your baby should not be able to reach the complex brake release lever from inside the jogging stroller.

Stability – In order to ensure your baby’s safety, you need to purchase a stroller that is stable. A jogging stroller with a wide seat and base often sits low in the frame. This makes sure the baby is less likely to fall off or tip over. You can easily test a jogging stroller by pressing it down lightly on the handle to make sure it does not tip. In addition to this, a stroller should also have a safety harness to keep your baby safe at all times.

Entrapment Hazards – While looking for the best jogging stroller, you need to check for places where the baby’s feet or hands can get pinched or trapped. You should pay attention to any spaces or hinges between footrests.

Recalls – The company manufacturing a stroller should be able to handle recalls without any hassles. It should provide you with an extensive warranty to make sure you do not experience any problems regarding damage.

Easy to Maneuver – A jogging stroller should always be easy to maneuver. You should be able to steer it without experiencing any problems. When you test the stroller in a store, you should realize that it becomes harder to steer the stroller when you have children in it.

Review – Before choosing a stroller for your baby, it is important to consider reviews and testimonials on the Internet. This helps you make an informed choice. You can find lots of information about jogging strollers with simple research online.


Important Stroller Safety Tips

Regardless of the level of safety provided by a stroller, there is no substitute for supervision and guidance. You should not overlook some basic safety tips while purchasing a jogging stroller in the market. When your baby is in the jogging stroller, you need to use the brakes properly. They should be functional.

You should never leave the stroller unattended. When you are in a parking lot, you need to make sure the stroller stays next to you when unlocking the car. You need to secure the baby in the car’s seat in your car before loading any purchases. You should check to ensure the stroller is open and remains in locked position before using it. This makes sure it does not close accidentally.

While in the stroller, you need to make sure the baby is properly buckled. Sometimes, babies can slip through the leg opening. They may even fall while leaning over to the other side if not buckled properly. You should be careful about hanging a lot of things over the handlebar in the stroller. Excess weight can cause the stroller to flip. You should instead store other belongings in the basket.

When left under the Sun, strollers can get very hot, especially metal parts and accessories. You need to make sure you check the stroller if you have been keeping it in a car or under the Sun. While jogging, you need to use the jogging stroller with front wheels, which should be locked in a straight-ahead position. In addition to this, you may want to use a safety strap that easily attaches to the wrist to prevent the product from getting away.

While storing the stroller, you should be very careful. A stroller that is leaning against a wall or folded up can fall on a baby. Similarly, a stroller left out in the open can act as a tempting jungle gym. This could harm a child. Therefore, while storing a stroller, you should consider these important things.


Purchase a Safe Stroller for a Newborn

In case you plan to use the stroller for a newborn baby, you need to make sure that it reclines. The primary reason is that newborn babies can not hold their heads or sit upright. Some strollers even fully recline. They can even be used with an infant-only car seat or bassinet attachment.

However, most umbrella strollers do not provide appropriate neck and head support for babies. In addition to this, the best jogging strollers are not designed to recline. Due to this, they are not considered appropriate for babies up to the age of 6 months.


What Do You Need to Know About Jogging Strollers?

In case you have a car, you need to look for a baby jogging stroller that holds a detachable car seat for the baby. Some jogging strollers and detachable car seats are available in matching sets. On the other hand, some options need separate attachments that allow strollers to be used with specific car seats. When you strap the baby into her or his car seat, such strollers allow you to move the baby between the car and stroller without experiencing any problems.

According to research, sitting upright in the jogging stroller may compress the baby’s chest and lead to reduced amount of oxygen in the blood. In fact, even mild airway obstruction can restrict a baby’s development. According to experts, you should not allow a baby to relax or sleep in the stroller’s seat for more than a couple of hours.

When your baby sits in a stroller for extended periods, it can contribute to the development of an unnecessary flat spot on the baby’s back or head. In addition to this, it can also worsen GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, which is a chronic digestive ailment.


What If Your Baby Has Special Needs?

In case your baby suffers from some health concerns or was born prematurely, you may want a stroller with extra storage space. It should help you carry necessary equipment, such as oxygen or cardiac monitor. You should discuss this aspect of the purchase with parents of babies with similar needs.


Some Other Features Your Should Look For

These days, most jogging strollers come with additional features. Before you make the purchase, you should conduct extensively to make an informed choice. You need to buy the best jogging stroller, which should include some of the following features:

Practical Brakes – You should consider purchasing a stroller with brakes that are very easy to apply. Some strollers even come with lock two wheel brakes. This is a special safety feature. Your baby should not be able to reach the brake release lever.

Wide Base – As mentioned earlier, it is better to purchase a stroller with a wide base. This reduces the possibility of your baby tipping over.

Single Footrest – When you are looking for a double side-by-side stroller, you should purchase one with a single footrest. It should extend across the sitting areas. It is worth mentioning that small feet are more likely to get trapped between different footrests.


Keeping Your Baby Safe in the Stroller

Regardless of the quality of the stroller, it does not make sense when you are not able to use some tips to keep the baby safe. You need to make sure your baby is safe at all times. Here are some easy tips to help you achieve this goal.

It is important to stay close to your baby. You should not leave him unattended on the stroller. You should always be careful while hanging toys from a jogging stroller bumper bar. Toys should be securely fastened.

Your baby’s harness and seat belt should always be buckled up. When you take the baby for a stroller ride, you shouldn’t forget to fasten the safety belts. You need to use the brakes properly. Engage the stroller brakes when you stop the stroller.

Just like toys, you should store belongings properly. They shouldn’t hang freely from the handlebar. Hanging items can also tip over the stroller. While folding the stroller, you should be cautious. You need to make sure the baby is away from the stroller. Small fingers can easily get caught in the hinges. Before putting your baby in the stroller, you need to make sure it’s locked open.

During the summer season, you should keep the stroller out of the Sun. You shouldn’t let the stroller in the Sun for extended periods of time. This may cause metal and plastic pieces to become excessively hot. In case you leave the stroller under the Sun, you should check the surface before putting the baby in it.

In order to be notified in case of a recall, you need the warranty card. Therefore, you should keep the warranty card in a safe place. In case the baby gets hurt due to a manufacturing default, you may need the warranty card to file a claim.


What Other Factors Should You Consider?

Besides these important factors, you also need to consider some simple things about your personal background. This can impact your decision. For instance, when you live near or in a city, you need to purchase a sturdy stroller. You may also need to collapse the stroller to get on the subway or bus. Similarly, suburban parents may look for a stroller that’s easy to fit in the trunk.

In case you have an older child, you should purchase a stroller with an attachment or double stroller. If you use the attachment, you should go through the manufacturer’s guidelines. Your lifestyle will also impact your decision. For instance, an umbrella stroller can be useful for travelling or running errands.

Last but not the least, you should consider the accessories the manufacturer provides with the product. A rain cover, sun shade, storage basket, cup holder and such accessories can be good choices. You should also make sure you choose a reputed seller to purchase the product.