Lightweight Double Stroller Buyers Guide

Are you looking for a good lightweight double stroller? Perhaps you are skeptical and wondering or even embroiled by the different brands available on the market. Here, your puzzle has been solved since you will get to understand more on what to look for in a good stroller before plunging into your pocket. Of course, there are different brands and models of lightweight strollers that are available on the market but not all have been designed to meet all your needs. In this case, you may need to identify the stroller that fits well with all your needs and specifications.

Also, depending on the purpose for which the stroller is intended, there are several factors to consider and includes the braking system, portability, storage, durability, and the width among other factors.


The following therefore are the things to look for before purchasing a lightweight double stroller:

Braking system:

The brakes are always important as it offers the user with the safety and protects him or her from landing into the ditch. It is therefore imperative to have a look at the braking system of the stroller to ensure that they are all functional and in good condition. On the market, there are different types of strollers with different braking techniques and technologies. 

Another thing about the braking system is how it works for your stroller. Some technologies have embraced the use of automatic brakes which stops the stroller before rolling away. In this case, you should choose the type that fits well with your needs or the needs of your kids.



This is also another factor that should not be taken for granted. Portability plays a lot when it comes to the transportation or carriage of the stroller. In this case, if you are looking for a stroller that is very suitable for travel or trip purposes, then this factor should be checked well before making any purchase. There are different brands and designs available on the market and most lightweight strollers are not all easily portable since some may be bulky and hence difficult to transport.

On the same, the modern brands of the lightweight double strollers are designed in style to allow for folding and hence easy transportation or carriage. It is therefore necessary to look for a brand that allows folding since it is manageable when it comes to transportation of the same.


Adjustable seats:

A good stroller has got adjustable seats to enhance the comfort of the kids or whoever is using it. It is therefore important to check for this factor to ensure that the stroller has got adjustable seats and also to ensure that the seats are easy to adjust.

Adjustable seats are the property that comes with the recent strollers and the good strollers of this generation has been designed to allow for up to four adjustable positions. Therefore, there is no need for you looking for the outdated strollers that cannot be adjusted yet the market is full of good and awesome strollers that have got all that you need for your kid.


Double shades:

A good double stroller should have the double shades that have been designed to offer the best shading or protection for your kid. Most double strollers are fitted with canopies that help protect the users from the harmful rays of the sun and also from rain. It is therefore important to find out this amazing feature before making and purchase.

The current double strollers have got this awesome feature and therefore, it is upon you to choose the design that you think is best suitable for you. Also, the canopies should have the ability to be adjusted independently so as to meet the requirements or the needs of both kids or to ensure that both children are safe and protected.



When it comes to storage, there are two things that you should consider. The first thing is the storage of the stroller itself. In this case, a good stroller should be compact and small to allow for easy storage even under limited space. Therefore, a lightweight stroller should be very easy to store and should not be too much bulky or should not occupy a lot of space.

The second factor to look into is the storage space or the storage bag that comes with the stroller. Different strollers have got different designs and majority of the modern brands bears this wonderful feature. The storage bag will serve a lot in terms of transportation of maybe some of the few items for your kids. Therefore, if you are after a stroller with the same feature, you should check well to ensure that the storage bag is well placed, secure and specious enough depending on your storage needs.


The Width:

The width of the stroller is also a factor to look consider. The double stroller should not be too wide so as to make it convenient for things like transportation. A wide stroller is bulky and is therefore difficult to carry since it has to occupy a lot of space. 

Also to the width, the stroller should have the capacity to go through doorways very easily and therefore becomes very easy to store and to remove when the need arises. In this case, you will find different designs and brands of the same and you need to identify the stroller that can best fit into your doorway or even the door of your car. On the other hand, without this wonderful feature, the functionality of the stroller may be limited.



The budget comes with the price of the stroller and is also a very important factor that should be considered. On the market, you will find a variety of strollers bearing different prices due to the design or the manufacturer price. It is therefore important to compare the prices that come with the different brands of the strollers to avoid falling into the trap of having to pay for something that may not work well for you. 

Also, it is important to look for a good stroller with favorable price so that you don’t strain financially after using all what you had in your pocket. This is therefore a factor that everyone should look into before making any other step.



The purpose of the stroller also dictates what kind of stroller that you should choose. If you are a traveller and needs a stroller that fits all terrain, you should even look for additional factors such as the strength in terms of design and the body of the stroller. For this case, you should look for a stroller that that is sturdier and solid to ensure that it does not break up on tough terrains. 

Also, if you are looking for a stroller that you can use for commercial purposes, it is significant to look into the design and the make of the stroller to ensure that it fits well with all your needs. It should be strong and has all the requirements that enhance the comfort for it to attract more customers. Therefore, the purpose of the stroller is what dictates what you should look for on the different designs and brands that are available on the market.


Seats and Car seat:

A good stroller should have well-designed and comfortable seats to enhance comfort for your kids. When looking for the same, it is important to identify the stroller that has got the best and comfortable seats and will surely make your kids to enjoy themselves while using the same. The seats should be able to recline and also to be adjusted depending on the need.

Another important factor is the ability of the stroller to carry along with it the car seat. Majority of the brands and designs of the modern era has got this awesome feature that makes the stroller suitable for travel. A car seat is therefore a good choice if you have a baby and a car at the same time since it will enable you to move your baby directly from the car into the stroller even if the baby is sleeping.



It is also important to consider buying a stroller with the best steering since it also adds to the safety of the same. In this case, the stroller should be easy to steer and hence, your babies should not struggle when it comes to the steering the same. 

There are different brands and designs that come with the double strollers and this is a matter that should not be taken for granted since some of the strollers are difficult to steer and hence may become hard for you and your kids to operate the same. This therefore is a factor that will ensure that your kids are always safe since they can just control the stroller very easily.


Adjustable handle:

Here, there are different types of strollers that you can find on the market with different handle designs. A good double stroller should have adjustable handle so as to make it convenient for different people with different heights. On the market, you will find lots of double strollers bearing different handle designs and is worth noting that, it is not only you alone who will be operating the stroller for that long. Sometimes you may need the assistance of somebody else and therefore, you should look for a brand that will meet all the needs and especially the one that has got adjustable handles.



Safety is a number one thing to check in a good double stroller. Safety comes with a number of things that you should have to check in your stroller. In this case, a good stroller should have all the features that enhance the safety of your kids. 

On the same, the double stroller that you choose should have all the features that are crucial in protecting your baby while giving him or her all the necessary comfort and luxury. Some of the safety measures that come with the different strollers and types can include the shoulder straps, a crotch, and a five point restraint with a waist. Therefore, all these features among others should be checked well before any purchase is made.


Collapsible factor :

The collapsible factor is also another thing that is worth considering when buying a lightweight double stroller. Sometimes it becomes hard to collapse some of the strollers due to the hard designs that come from the different manufacturers and this may cause delays sometimes when you are on a rush. 

It is therefore an invaluable thing to choose the design that is very easy to collapse by just press of a button. Fortunately, you will also find some of the brands that have got buttons that can be used to collapse the stroller and this makes the same easier and simple.



Of course, durability is another thing that everyone is looking for in a double stroller. Different brands of double strollers have got different life span and some can last for a long period of time while others do not. Depending on the materials that composes the stroller; some lightweight strollers are designed with every detail in mind and are sturdy and solid to last for a relatively longer period than others. 

As far as this is concerned, the durability is what you should look for before buying a double stroller to avoid spending on something that will not last. Therefore, you should consider the specs of the materials that have been used to design the stroller and also the general design and make of the same.


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The Verdict:

In conclusion, every other factor is very important and no factor should be taken for granted if you want to find a good stroller that will work to your expectations. Looking at every factor, you will find some of the products that only bear some and misses some and therefore, you should look for the one that meets well with all your needs and expectations. Therefore, you should take every factor into considerations as have discussed above for you to find the best lightweight double stroller for your lovely kids.